2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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2015 Scholarship

The Mount Greenwood Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce our first recipient of a Scholarship Grant, Alexandra Flory, from the Chicago Ag School. Alexandra was very surprised and when the Chamber told her Mother that she was going to receive this grant she was touched. We asked her Mom to keep it quiet so Alexandra was totally surprised. It was a very touching and rewarding moment. Thank you to one of her teachers, Mr. William Collins, that she admired over the years for helping the Chamber to present this grant. This is just the first of what the Chamber hopes to continue with for the community. The Board of Directors of the Chamber asked the local businesses to contribute to this fund which made this grant money available. This is a new program that the Chamber is doing along with many new ideas for 2015. Please enjoy the pictures of Alexandra, her Mom, Mary Jane, Mr. William Collins, Pastor Bill Crowder and Darlene Myers